The China Tea Book
BINDING Hardcover with full-colour jacket
TRIM SIZE 215 mm × 285 mm
ISBN 978-1-908175-00-7
Rights World except French, Italian, Chinese, English & Russian
£ 30  
Steeped in romanticism, The China Tea Book focuses on the land where tea was born — China. A host of facts and tales associated with this magical infusion that has enjoyed five thousand years of popularity are narrated in a style that brims over with culture, charm and good taste.
Passionate yet rigorously researched, refined but eminently practical, The China Tea Book designed for leisure reading chronicles the history of tea in China and its transmission across the globe, the abundance of tea types, miraculous health benefits of the drink, tea-brewing and tasting etiquette, and the immensity and sophistication of "tea culture." Large numbers of fine illustrations are a superb foil to the ambience of China's ancient culture that permeates the narration. And the layout and binding almost seem to inject the elegant soul of this volume with a touch of Chinese sagacity.
Whether the reader takes an interest in tea culture or is a fan of Chinese culture, The China Tea Book is the best choice for reading, visual appreciation and collection.

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