The Most Beautiful Chinese Classical Paintings
BINDING Hand-sewn Chinese binding, bookcase
TRIM SIZE 320 mm × 420 mm
ISBN 978-0-9556057-9-6
Rights World except French, Italian, Chinese, English
This very pleasant album of Chinese art presents a survey of the 100 most beautiful paintings in China's art history.
The artworks are arranged on a temporal axis and comprise the most impressive character, historical, landscape, and flower and bird paintings from the long and varied history of the art of the Chinese people. Each work is presented on opposite pages so that the left one reveals the painting in its full view and presents its style, characteristics, production background, and the historical and cultural context in vivid but precise terminology. The right page focuses on the most noteworthy aspects of the painting. Such an arrangement encourages the reader to fully grasp the exquisiteness of Chinese art within the broader context of China's artistic development while also encouraging a comparison with one's own aesthetic experience.
The Most Beautiful Chinese Classical Paintings is a classic album that combines the pleasure of reading and learning with the principles of art appreciation. The book has been designed and produced with special attention to the use of paper and layout. The front page and cover of the album are silky-smooth to the touch, while the traditional hand-sewn binding conveys the delicate sense of Chinese elegance.

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