Contemporary Chinese Photography
BINDING Hardcover with full-colour jacket
TRIM SIZE 286 mm × 286 mm
ISBN 978-0-9562880-6-6
This album analyses and interprets contemporary Chinese photography in terms of its historical development, conception of art, representative artists and their creative works. It is arguably the most authoritative and comprehensive publication reflecting the photographic arts in modern-day China.
The works of the fifty most renowned Chinese photographers, including documentary, behavioural and conceptual photography, are gathered together in this volume. These professionals are the vanguard of their era. Their works of art vividly present to the reader the developmental sequence of nearly three decades of contemporary photography, and reveal trends for its future directions as well.
Contemporary Chinese Photography is divided into three parts: Part One summarises the political, economic, historical, artistic and other aspects that comprise the "inheritance" of Chinese contemporary photography; Part Two, the main text, gathers the artists' works and classifies them according to these themes: "Urbanization and Globalization," "Authority, Space and Memory," "Gender, Body and Identity," "Dialogues with Traditions," "Underdeveloped and Non-mainstream" and "Observation." In order to enable the reader to comprehend creative intent, representative works are displayed, and each artist's experience and artistic life are captured through text and interviews. Part Three summarises key happenings in the development of Chinese photography, such as influential exhibitions, events and auctions.
Contemporary Chinese Photography principally targets artists, collectors, researchers, students and museums, as well as those with a passion for contemporary photography.

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