Perfect World: Top Posters from Top Games
BINDING Trade-quality paperback
TRIM SIZE 260 mm × 360 mm
ISBN 978-1-908175-51-9
This is the second art book of classic game posters
published by CYPI in collaboration with the famous
game company, Perfect World Co., Ltd. Keeping up with
the first volume's top quality, this second volume adds
a variety of posters for new high-quality games. The
book is divided into four parts: character posters, scene
posters, plot posters, and case studies. A number of the
artworks will be published here for the first time.

In recent years, Perfect World's illustrators have received
various awards in the international arena, including the
first-prize winner in the Unearthly Challenge contest
in 2013. These game illustrators' excellent artworks
have been assembled into a book, through which we
hope to bring the readers a perfect visual feast as well
as a platform for communication and learning.

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